What Others Say of Ammon Johns

Given how easy it is for anyone to create and publish a website, and claim whatever they wish there, testimonials are helpful in backing up the claims.  In keeping with the entire spirit of this site, I have provided several testimonials and references I have received, and provide them here not only as a testimonial to my own work, but also as an example of what makes a good testimonial useful to visitors.

Note that you will not find any anonymous testimonials here.  Those are completely pointless and unbelievable.  Instead, I provide quotes with an attributable source, so that if you wished, you could check for yourself on the validity of the sources quoted.


Ammon Johns


Some quotes from my peers


"one of the most legendary personalities in the field of search engine optimization and online marketing ... Ammon Johns is, without question, one of the best SEOs in the world." - Rand Fishkin, Moz


"Ammon is one of the few people in the online marketing industry to whom you should be listening if you want to do it right. This is the reason I keep asking him back to contribute to my site - he speaks the truth and is a goldmine of information. Ammon is very highly respected amongst his peers - and rightly so" - Peter Da Vanzo, gofish.net.nz


"Ammon Johns has probably forgotten more things about online marketing and branding than most of us have ever known.

Ammon Johns is unique. He has a remarkably long career in an industry that does not really do long careers. He successfully synthesizes the knowledge and experience of the past with a thorough knowledge and understanding of today.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Ammon's mind at work and it is safe to say that I simply cannot recommend him highly enough. The companies that work with him are the ones that enjoy the rarest of things in today's world: a competitive advantage." - David Amerland, davidamerland.com


"When you work online and mostly deal with people through the magic of email and forum posts, it's often difficult to know for sure who you can trust and who knows their stuff. With my weekly SEO newsletter, I'm expected to have all the answers to every search engine marketing question, but of course that's just not possible. I'm lucky enough to have a core group of trustworthy, highly intelligent search marketers I can call on when I get stumped.

If I have a question about the UK search engines, PPC ads or the best way to convert visitors into buyers, one of the first people I think of to help me out is Ammon. I always know he will have a knowledgeable, no-fluff answer for me every time. There's also a certain something about Ammon that exudes integrity, which is a rare find these days. It's obvious that he doesn't just "talk a good game." Ammon speaks from years of experience in the search world, and I'm proud to count him among my trusted colleagues and friends." - Jill Whalen, HighRankings.com


"Ammon Johns has been a prominent figure in the world of search engine optimization and marketing for many years. A prolific advisor on all things related to SEO/SEM issues, he's made a well-deserved name for himself on various online fora: I have known him in this capacity longer than I care to remember and never once have I experienced him to be less than openminded, outgoing and incredibly generous in his advice to anyone asking for it.

Nor is he content to simply repeat all those pedestrian tips and tricks you'll find cheaper by the dozen on every corner: while quite unassuming in posture, his knowledgeable, no-nonsense approach is rooted in a very brilliant and flexible mind indeed, making his public and private reflections a veritable gold mine of inspiration to the beginner and the old hand alike.
(If I remember correctly, it was actually Ammon who first publicly coined the expression "search engine marketing" - which really says it all ...)

Anyway, it's a pleasure knowing him and he's always a very good - and very sound! - read." - Ralph Tegtmeier, Fantomaster


"I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with Ammon over the last few years, although I think it was 13 years ago I first read one of his epic length informative posts.

Although Search Engine Optimization may be where Ammon got his deserved reputation, it is clear after only a few minutes talking with him that he is a true marketing professional in a very holistic sense. Ammon lives and breathes marketing. He just gets it - unlike any other person I have worked with. His experience and understanding of marketing strategies is as broad as it is deep. Ammon understands how each component strategy interacts with each other and which should be leveraged at any particular given time based on the unique set of variables defined by the product, service, audience, etc.

Ammon is always learning, always reading - always with a thirst for more knowledge. It is this passion for marketing that makes him one of the best in my opinion. He always brings his best to every project, and is always analyzing the process as the website visitor or consumer.... and not just taking into account the website; Ammon is always thinking about the brand.

Iron sharpens iron as they say. Every time I need a new perspective or have a complex problem I need another set of eyes on, I go to the top of the heap. I call on Ammon. I always come away 10x sharper.

It's an honor to work with him and to say he is a valued adviser and friend." - Carlos Fernandes, ISOOSI LLC


"Here's a task I would never want to be assigned: find someone with more experience and background in SEO and internet marketing than Ammon Johns. I'd give up before I started.

Ammon is that rare combination of someone with years of experience with an always-fresh mind, aware of and open to the latest changes in our industry.

I would not hesitate to give Ammon Johns an immediate and unqualified recommendation to any business wanting to work with a true professional whose work for them will come out of deep knowledge, not hearsay or guesswork." - Mark Traphagen, Stone Temple Consulting


"Ammon is one of those rare people that you meet in life and gratefully walk away with a sense of pride, in knowing you have met a really great person. He has that rare mixture of technical savvy and a keen marketing intellect. His approach to consulting is second to none and can intuitively understand a companies needs and then convey practical, no nonsense strategies, and techniques.

If you have a chance to meet (or work with) Ammon, grab it!" - Ben Fisher, Steady Demand


"In Internet marketing, there are very few original thinkers. Most are happy to regurgitate the common cliches. Ammon is not one of these. He is an original thinker, with a deep understanding of how to engineer a successful marketing strategy. He has earned the respect given him." - John Scott, V7inc


"I came to greatly respect Ammon's input within a very short time. What I find most eye-catching is his remarkable breadth of knowledge not only of SEO and pay-per-click but of other Internet marketing and promotional opportunities that are not always grasped. He's able to view both the wider picture and zero in on specifics that need improvement, oftentimes pulling surprising answers seemingly out of his hat. His advice is rock solid, and his knowledge and wit - and his insistence on improving profits - make him stand out from the crowd. Ammon is truly a must-read." - Diane Vigil, dianev.com


Some quotes from my clients


"Every Internet company should make use of an SEO in their marketing strategy and Ammon is one of the best out there." - Jules Pancholi, Chief Operating Officer, Dooyoo AG


"Ammon's passion, knowledge and experience in SEO and Online Marketing is second to none. I've worked with Ammon on strategic e-commerce projects and he has provided fresh thinking and creative ideas that have consistently delivered exceptional value for our business" - Lee Noon, E-Commerce Strategy Aviva


"I worked with Ammon on a number of SEO projects for around 6 months. I felt he was extremely 'in tune' with the world of SEO, with a massive amount of knowledge on the subject. The best thing that I found whilst working with Ammon was his passion to drive change in the companies he worked with. This can sometimes be a hard thing to find with an external partner but Ammon definitely fits the bill. His advice and ideas for SEO were spot on, and his enthusiasm to make sure these were pushed through really helped to get things done." - Alex Bryant, Online Marketing Executive, Mankind


"Ammon brings a wealth of SEO and online marketing experience to any business. His solutions are always creative and actionable which you know are backed up with an encyclopedic knowledge of SEO. More importantly, Ammon is also down to earth, a prerequisite for me. It also makes him a joy to work with!" - Dale Cooper, Digital Marketing Manager, Visit Wales


"If there’s anyone who can help you find a way to do what you want in the world of the internet, it’s Ammon. The man is a genius when it comes to finding the right approach for your situation, and he usually has three or four different ways to get you there.

Ammon is a rare breed – an SEO consultant who treats your business as if it were his own, and talks to you as a partner. He’s 100% focused on what is best for your business, even if it means identifying YOU as the source of the problem. But with his dry wit and that lovely accent, you barely even notice.

If you want mediocre results, or someone who’ll just help you put lipstick on a pig, you should look elsewhere. Ammon Johns is unabashedly (and deservedly) proud of his ability to create a marketing strategy that will propel your business forward. But, in his inimitable curmudgeonly way, he never lets you forget that you’re the one who’s steering." - Stephanie Sims, Finance-Ability


Some quotes from past colleagues


"Ammon has a keen awareness of marketing, an impressive and sharp intelligence, and an ability to find practical and creative approaches to strategies and tactics for solving problems and addressing organizations' needs. I've been fortunate to have had the chance to learn a great amount from him about search engine marketing." Bill Slawski, SEObytheSea


"Ammon Johns is one of the brightest minds and most talented individuals in the field of search engine & Internet marketing. I can think of few people in the field from whom I've learned more or been more impressed by. If you have the rare opportunity to leverage Ammon's immense intellect and experience, say yes. It will rank among the best decisions you've made for your business." Rand Fishkin, Moz


"Ammon Johns' knowledge of SEO has always been extraordinary in that it far surpasses its tight limits; instead, Ammon, from the start, integrates other disciplines in his SEO theories and foundations.

The result is incredibly effective and often predictive marketing and conversion based SEO, the knowledge and understanding of which Ammon is always glad to share.

I would not hesitate a moment to recommend Ammon Johns." - Ruud Hein, Search Engine People


"Ammon's breadth of knowledge of the search and online marketing industry was always evident when he would answer, in incredible detail, any of the questions posed on the Cre8asite forums. An "Ammon answer" was always long, detailed, and complete, but in addition, it usually contained insights that even the pros hadn't considered before. If I had the chance to pick a "fantasy SEO and online marketing team", Ammon would be my first draft. He's that good." - Donna Fontenot, eBusiness Coach


"There is no question that Ammon is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in the field of SEO ... I've known Ammon almost since the conception of SEO and his advice has always been leading edge, I would also say that he doesn't hold back the punches!! I have seen many sites benefit from his advice and hands on work, often using techniques that lead the market by many months..." - Adam Stafford, FreshEgg


"The depth of knowledge is amazing - you have a way [...] to bring viewpoints into a thread that often do not give me an answer - but make me question the validity of the original query instead.

Combined with perfect English gentleman-like manners, a touch of irony and sarcasm, it is an amazing mixture. To me it's been inspiring, not only have I learned a lot - and learned to question even more things - but I have learned more about how to attack a problem, how to bring rough problems out into the open without stepping on other people's toes." - John Mueller, G+ Profile


"When it comes to SEO, very few people are as knowledgeable as Ammon.

On Cre8asite Forums, it was consistently clear that Ammon is a world-class expert. He always answered questions, regardless of their complexity from new members and established members, with deep and detailed answers, and pointing out subtle and advanced considerations about how an SEO strategy should be implemented. His generosity in sharing his clearly vast knowledge made for very helpful and insightful reading.

Most importantly, Ammon's answers always underscored the value of the end result of SEO for the success of the website. Any business would be lucky to have Ammon fighting its side when it comes to SEO, and he has my endorsement wholeheartedly." - Pierre Far, G+ Profile