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Ammon Johns is perhaps most renowned for his work in SEO, but is also widely credited as one of the most versatile and broadly-skilled Internet marketing experts in the world. Should any specific case arise where Ammon's own extensive knowledge is not enough, Ammon has a huge list of friends and contacts that include many of the best specialists available.

Ammon Johns & Company embody the personal motto that Ammon loves to mention: "It is amazing how much can be achieved when one isn't worried about who takes the credit". However, it is quite rare that any additional expertise is required. We simply believe in being prepared, and providing the very best possible results.

Ammon Johns has been professionally involved in web promotion since 1995. He has personally worked on campaigns for well over 600 clients. He has worked on almost every conceivable type of website, advising on every kind of issue from design to usability (UX), from promotion to persuasion, from analytical solutions to developing additional revenue streams.

Ammon Johns has worked for every size and type of business from the largest corporations and multi-nationals, right down to the solo entrepreneur and sole-proprietor business. He has worked in every conceivable market sector from News (CNN) to Financial Services (Legal & General, Aviva) right on through to blogging solopreneurs and international charities.

Whether you want assistance with making your website perform better, making your sales funnel more effective, lead generation, conversion optimisation, better search engine optimisation (SEO), more efficient paid search marketing, brand positioning, or social media listening strategies, Ammon Johns has the knowledge and experience to deliver.


Internet Marketing Services: The 4 S's

One of the things sure to drive Ammon to a tirade is the 'one-size-fits-all' approach that so many other companies offer. We do not offer set 'packages' of our services. That's because there is no package of services, ever, that was made for anything but the convenience of the supplier, at the expense of the customer.

Any package, no matter how they dress it up with labels of 'gold' or 'diamond' or 'platinum', is really simply a way to bundle together a lot of the things they do easily, but that you don't need, and that are not tailored for you, together with the things you do need, and charge you for the lot. Oh, with a sweet little 'discount' on the parts you didn't want or need and cannot effectively use.

Every market, every client, and every campaign is different, with its own unique position, needs, resources, and challenges. Therefore our services are also unique and specific to each campaign, drawing on a mix of the four main areas of our expertise: Site, Search, Social, and Success.


Your website may have to perform a variety of functions. It may be your shopfront (and your shop interior), your customer service center, your display room, your sales materials, your press room, and the hub of all you do.

Developing, prioritising, and delivering all of these diverse functions with ease and efficiency, holistically, with no one function getting in the way of the others is a careful but vital balancing act.

Calling on a wide and deep knowledge with decades of experience, we can help you with usability, information architecture, business case making, and, of course, with ensuring that your site strategy is in keeping with what your market want, in the way they need.


Search marketing is not just about keywords and rankings. First you need to understand search user behaviours, how search is used in their purchasing habits. Only then can you deliver a plan and process that matters, and that delivers real results.

Ammon Johns is not just one of the leading masters of search engine marketing today, nor just one of the original early adopting pioneers. He is one of the very rare breed that have maintained a position of thought leadership and world-class expertise for almost 2 decades.

While every SEO in the world talks about how SEO changes, the fact that Ammon remains firmly at the very forefront of his field is a constant.


Social media is not just about the networks themselves, but the way people use, trust, and are persuaded by their contacts and sources. We can help devise an effective social strategy that you can actually implement and benefit from.

Ammon can help you know if, when, and precisely how to blog to drive meaningful results for your business. Advising and planning every aspect of your blogging strategy from subject matter to tone of voice, and from frequency to the bottom-line of how to do it all with the resources you have.

Ammon also has extensive professional experience of the many social networks, knowing which will suit your specific need, market, and strategy, so that you can focus on just what works and matters.


Having a website is not enough. The whole thing needs to deliver tangible benefits and results. In this above all, Ammon is highly regarded for his no-nonsense approach and insistance on measurable bottom-line success.

Ammon Johns & Company advise on, and assist with all kinds of issues, from market position and brand positioning, through usability, and analytics, right on to conversions and captology.

We advise and assist on all of the things that differentiate the effective, integrated marketing you want, from the piecemeal, copy what others do approach so many have fallen afoul of.

The 'Ammon approach' is that the strongest and most important metric is always your bottom line.

Pricing of Services

Our pricing is designed to serve our clients.  Just as our services are bespoke, uniquely tailored to your needs, so our pricing too is designed to maximise cost-efficiency to the customer.

We charge by the actual time you need.  In charging by the hour, clients who know exactly what they need, never waste a moment, and generally are a joy to work with are rewarded with the lowest possible costs.  Under the same system, clients who need more help, need to change or extensively discuss specifications, or otherwise need more of our time are free to do so and just as delightful to us.  It is the fairest system to all parties.

Additionally, we apply discounts to blocks of time purchased, so that we may pass along the savings in administrative time, sales time, etc.

A single hour has a base cost of £150 (Convert: USD, CAD, EUR).  That's as high as our price per hour goes, since the administration billing and sales overheads are the same for sending an invoice for one hour as for a hundred hours.  Blocks of 4 hours per month or more receive a sliding discount (10% at 4 hours, to a maximum discount of 20% at 8 hours or more) to reflect the lower percentage of the time spent in billing and administration.

A half-day block of time (4 hours) costs £500.  A full-day block of time costs £900.  In this manner, we pass the savings on our administration, billing, and sales time directly to our clients.

Obviously, this system sounds more complex than it really is.  We explain it to illustrate our complete consideration of ensuring the maximum return on investment for clients.

If you simply need to consult with Ammon Johns for one hour the cost is £150.  No fuss.  No hidden extras.

For anything else, simply contact us for an estimate based on your needs, and we do all the calculations necessary to offer you the best deal, and our lowest cost.

The essential point is that we strive to deliver the most cost-effective service to you.


ammon at ammon johns dot com


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