Ammon Johns

Ammon Johns is a veteran Internet Marketing Consultant based in the UK and working with clients around the world since 1996.

While Ammon is generally best known for his work in search engine marketing and SEO, he has often stated that search marketing is only 10% of what he can bring to clients, even if it happens to be 80% of what he is originally contracted for.

Ammon is widely acclaimed as one of the pioneers of SEO, and certainly as a pioneer in holistic marketing, integrating the online marketing plan to the overall marketing activity, marketing plan, and business plan, of each client.

Ammon is highly regarded in the industry, with many other leaders in the industry, (such as Rand Fishkin, Bill Slawski, and Will Critchlow), citing him as an important mentor to their own careers.

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Ammon Johns


The Company

Ammon Johns formed his own company again after several years working for other agencies.  The reason for this comes down to just one simple thing: Control. While Ammon greatly enjoyed his time with all the agencies there were always decisions made that affected deliverables that he did not agree with.

The foremost mission of Ammon Johns & Company is to make each client the foremost concern.  The standard of our work is never to be influenced by looking for cheaper processes, or more efficient operations that are in our interest over the clients.

Ultimately, the company ethos is that we focus on the efficiency of the work we deliver, not the efficiency of our processes.  We want to focus always on how much we can deliver for the cost, not how little.

There is just no 'heart' or 'soul' in a 'minimum viable product'.

We are passionate about our work - heart and soul.

The Website

Any web agency will tend to have their own site examined critically as an example of their work, or at least, of their standards.  This is not especially useful, since there are agencies that contract out their development, and there are agencies who are so busy with clients that they lack time (or priority) to work as hard on their own website.

However, 'wrong' or not, this is how the world is.  For those who care, this website is lovingly hand-coded, by Ammon himself, in Notepad++ and uses the Bootstrap framework for efficient and effective responsive design.  The source-code is a thing of beauty.

Painstaking hand-coding in a plain text editor may seem old fashioned in a world filled with ready-made wordpress sites and themes, but we believe that craftsmanship is still important.

We apply the same dedication to quality to all of our projects.  Take a look at our services to see how our dedication to quality could be applied to your own business.


ammon at ammon johns dot com


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