Ammon Johns

Ammon Johns is variously described by others as a veteran, pioneer, and expert in the field of SEO and search marketing.

  • Veteran in regards to having spent over 20 years in all aspects of Internet marketing.

  • Pioneer in regard to being one of the very early adopters, originating a great many practices and techniques.

  • Expert in regard to the fact that if expertise takes 10,000 hours of practice, Ammon has, at the most conservative possible estimate, put in at least ten times that amount.

Ammon Johns is the Web Marketing Director for UK-based digital marketing agency All Things Web®.

Ammon's experience is second to none.  Ammon Johns has worked for every size and type of business from the largest corporations and multi-nationals, right down to the solo entrepreneur and sole-proprietor business.  He has worked in every conceivable market sector from News (CNN) to Financial Services (Legal & General, Aviva) right on down to blogging 'solopreneurs'.

Ammon is a frequent and often-requested speaker for conferences, webinars, and industry-related podcasts. He gives very honest, practical, often surprising answers, that seem to smack you upside the head just when you need it most.


Ammon Johns



Search marketing is not just about keywords and rankings.  First you need to understand search user behaviours, how search is used in their purchasing habits.  Only then can you deliver a plan and process that matters, and that delivers real results.


Social media is not just about the networks themselves, but the way people use, trust, and are persuaded by their contacts and sources.  I can help devise an effective social strategy that you can actually implement and benefit from.


Ammon Johns can advise on, and assist with all kinds of issues, from market position and brand positioning, through usability, and analytics, right on to conversions and captology.  The strongest metric is your bottom line.


ammon at ammon johns dot com


Zero, seven, nine, eight, zero. Four one two, six, six, three